A desire to create is what is important for me. Every work is an exploration in itself and develops through the process of trial and error. The forms or images that are created and developed are the result of an intuitive and spontaneous act. I don’t restrict my work to one concept and its meaning instead it is necessary to look all the various thoughts that drift in while the work evolve and develops. Most of the artistic decision is made during the working process. Therefore the unpredictability of the final work makes it more interesting.

I call my process of art making as “art for art sake”. Because it’s the process that involve in creating a works is more adventures then the concept. Concept or idea develops during the process.

As an artist, it is necessary for me to engage myself in various creative practices, through the use of different medium of expression. The challenge of mediums always keeps me moving. I believe it’s the possibility and the metaphorical content of the medium that create different forms of expressions.

Understanding the physical space is another important aspect of my work. These are the experiments on recreating the given space through the use of different medium and material available. I try to see how different material when put together at a particular place can form a relationship and communicate. Most of my works are time and space specific. I don’t structure my works in a pre-conceived manner. Therefore it has a possibility to expand according to the given space.